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Well Defined™ Eye Liner
Clean Liquid Eyeliner Ebony – a deep black $26
Well Defined™ Eye Liner
Clean Liquid Eyeliner Cocoa – a dark brown $26

Achieve that dramatic look you’ve been desiring with clean eyeliner that is safe for sensitive eyes. Long gone are the days of inflammatory eyeliner formulas that bother your eyes throughout the day. Inner Beauty’s vegan eyeliner is formulated to perfectly match the pH of your eyes and gently provide glamour to sensitive and easily irritated eyelids. Our gentle eyeliner is created with a 97% natural formula allowing you to softly wash it off with water instead of having to rub tirelessly with makeup remover. We have worked hard to create a vegan eyeliner that provides you with a smooth, rich, and even coverage in a fabulous matte color. This clean eyeliner pairs perfectly with our Sugar Coated Mascara and our Light + Love Eyeshadow to create a lightweight look that lasts you throughout the day. Fall in love with eyeliner all over again with Inner Beauty’s glamorous and dramatic vegan eyeliner.