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Self-Love for Sensitive Skin: A Model's Journey to Find Products that Work for Eczema-Prone Skin

 Self-Love for Sensitive Skin:  A Model's Journey to Find Products that Work for Eczema-Prone Skin

Hey there!

I’m Sandra Zhang, student and model living in New York City. I was so happy when Inner Beauty Cosmetics launched, because even though clean beauty is in, I had never found one that prides themselves to be safe enough to use for women who had cancer, pregnant, and had autoimmune diseases. I thought that was absolutely incredible!

As an eczema sufferer, I find it almost impossible to try skincare and makeup products that have ingredients that don’t flare up my skin. Eczema is quite a complicated skin condition that varies from person to person, but mine in particular is caused by fragrances, air quality, and various natural/synthetic ingredients—this actually means that I can never know if I'm going to get a bad reaction from a product until after I use it. With that being said, modeling makes it almost impossible to not come in contact with products that do not irritate my skin. After almost every photo shoot, I would have to deal with the after-effects of having various irritating and unknown toxic chemicals on my skin.

On top of eczema, my skin type is also sensitive. This combination of eczema and sensitive skin makes finding the right products quite a struggle! After finding out about Inner Beauty Cosmetics, their story, and their purpose, I was immediately drawn to it and jumped on the opportunity to try them out!

Knowing that each formula is developed with a professional team of chemists, doctors, and toxicologists makes me feel confident in using them.

Not only are the products formulated especially for those with sensitivities, they are tested by dermatologists to be safe for sensitive skin too. I’m so happy that I can use every single one of their products and I look forward to seeing more wonderful products come out!


Sandra Zhang, Model


February 22, 2020


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