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Create Latte Makeup With These Clean Beauty Favorites

 Create Latte Makeup with These Clean Beauty Favorites

The “latte makeup” trend took the beauty world by storm this fall, and this flattering makeup look is still going strong. With a focus on more “earthy” and “brown” tones, this look warms the skin and, when paired with the right shades, works on virtually every skin tone. Create your latte makeup look using clean beauty favorites that are safe for sensitive skin, easy to apply, and that keep skin and delicate lips moisturized with plant-based ingredients. Here’s how. 

Prep Lips With a Primer 

The first step to creating the latte makeup look with clean beauty products? Prepping lips with a moisturizing, 2-in-1 lip balm and primer that was formulated with sensitive lips in mind. Sweep Stay Calm® Lip Balm + Primer on lips to prep and protect them. The creamy, nourishing formula helps fill in fine lines and deeply moisturizes with shea butter, apricot oil, calendula flower extract and rosa moschata seed oil, leaving lips smooth and comfortable. 

Add a Velvety Lip Color 

Once lips have been primed, it’s time to add a velvety lip color to set the tone for your latte makeup look. Reach for the clean lipstick formula of Coco Crème Lipstick in Nectar to add the perfect tawny nude shade. The emollient coconut, castor seed and jojoba oils in this safe-for-sensitive-lips lipstick keep delicate skin moisturized and comfortable. 

Top With a High-Shine Gloss for Dimension 

No latte makeup look would be complete without a bit of shine on the lips, which adds depth, dimension, and helps to create the illusion of fuller lips. Sweep on Pure Shine Lip Gloss in Rosewood, a neutral rose shade with brown undertones that complements the Nectar lipstick. Infused with castor oil for moisture, this safer lip gloss adds high-impact shine without ever feeling sticky. 

Seal in Protection with Lip Oil 

To round out your latte makeup lips, seal in moisture with a layer of Shine Infusion™ Lip Oil. This non-toxic lip oil harnesses the power of moisturizing castor seed, sunflower seed, jojoba and argan oils to add weightless moisture and crystal clear shine without ever becoming sticky or gummy. 

Add a Shimmering Accent 

Finish lips with a tap of Coco Balm Highlighter right at the Cupid’s bow of the lips. Not only will this help define your lip line, but the radiant glow will make your top lip appear fuller–an easy trick that takes just seconds to create. You can apply using just your fingertip; the warmth from your hand will help warm up the coconut-oil infused formula and make it even more blendable. 

Warm Up Skin Tone 

The last step in your latte makeup look is to apply Coco Balm Creme Blush in Sunlit on cheeks to bring the entire look together. The peachy rose hue adds a bit more warmth than a brown blush shade, but that’s why we love it. It’s subtle and neutral enough to work for latte makeup, yet leaves skin looking flushed with health and radiance. As with our best-selling Coco Balm Highlighter, this creamy clean blush is infused with coconut oil to make it super blendable with just your fingertips. Tap on and build to the look you love–and voila! Your latte makeup look with clean beauty products is complete. 

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