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3 Ways to Lighten Up Your Skincare for Spring

 3 Ways to Lighten Up Your Skincare for Spring

With the change of seasons from winter to spring, many of us with sensitive skin may experience heightened skin sensitivity, redness, discomfort, or breakouts. As skin adjusts to the changes in our environment, it needs the support of gentle, soothing ingredients that nurture skin through this transition–and beyond. Warm weather calls for clean skincare that cares deeply for skin without weighing it down. Here are our favorite ways to lighten up skincare for spring. 

Reach For a Lightweight, Gel Oil Cleanser

For many of us, warmer weather means sweating more frequently, reapplying sunscreen, and even layering on setting powder throughout the day. When they’re not removed completely at the end of the day, these layers of makeup, sunscreen, dirt, and oil can clog pores, cause breakouts, and irritate sensitive skin, leaving it inflamed, red, and uncomfortable. 

While the temptation to remedy inflamed skin may be to reach for a cleanser that leaves it feeling “squeaky clean,” it’s important to remember that these harsher formulas can disrupt the skin barrier, leaving skin even more sensitized and reactive. 

The good news: You don’t need to strip your skin to get it deeply clean. Instead, opt for a lightweight gel oil cleanser like Inner Beauty Cosmetics’ Gelee Oil Cleanser. This clean skincare staple–with a blend of 100% natural fruit and seed oils–comforts skin as it cleanses and rebalances, then leaves skin smooth and supple with a balanced skin barrier. The oils in the cleanser make it ideal for breaking down oils in makeup and sunscreen and lifting them away from the skin (oil attracts oil), and skin doesn’t feel “squeaky” and stripped of precious moisture, but clean and comfortable, instead. 

Treat Skin to a Hydrating Toner 

After cleansing sensitive skin, sweep on a hydrating toner. Though toner is often an overlooked step in many clean skincare routines, it can help to calm sensitive skin, deliver much-needed hydration, and remove any leftover impurities. In addition, toner also readies the skin to receive anything you put on next, from serums and oils to moisturizers. The trick is to use a toner that will not strip skin, but rather, add beneficial ingredients to it.

Flower Water Toner was formulated to care for sensitive skin, but it works on all skin types to remove dead skin cells and impurities without drying skin, even around the delicate eye area. Natural ingredients like witch hazel, cornflower, and helichrysum work to purify, replenish moisture, and encourage cell turnover while delivering mood-boosting beta-endorphins. 

As the weather continues to warm, you can store your Flower Water Toner in the refrigerator–a super refreshing and de-puffing trick that can be used several times a day to keep skin fresh and cool. 

Finish With a Weightless Natural Moisturizer 

While a heavy moisturizer may do the trick in the cold winter months, lightening up for warm weather is a must. Your sensitive skin still needs nourishing moisture, but adding a thick formula when it’s warm and humid outside may leave skin feeling slick and pores feeling clogged. 

Instead, reach for a clean beauty formula that delivers nourishing moisture without ever feeling heavy or greasy. Creme Gel Moisturizer is a 99% natural formula that delivers all-day hydration in a pillowy, non-greasy texture. Formulated to care for sensitive skin, this rose water moisturizer also contains powerful plant-derived ingredients to keep skin soft, balanced, and supple: date, baobab, and jojoba oils, along with fruit and flower waters. Skin cells are repaired and regenerated with passion fruit extract, and mango butter helps to soften and heal skin. Weightless and highly effective, Creme Gel Moisturizer is the perfect way to top off your clean skincare routine as spring weather rolls in. 

Going lighter in your clean beauty routine doesn’t mean sacrificing nourishing care for your sensitive skin. Reach for the clean skincare products from Inner Beauty Cosmetics to help your sensitive skin transition to warmer weather and thrive all season long.

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