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How to Achieve That No Makeup Makeup Look in 5 Minutes or Less

 How to Achieve That No Makeup Makeup Look in 5 Minutes or Less

Let’s face it: If the past year has taught us anything about our daily lives, it’s that we love an easy makeup routine. There’s something both comforting and uplifting about creating a polished look in such a short amount of time; it feels like an act of self care and an act of liberation. If you’re curious about how to achieve that natural “no makeup makeup” using clean makeup that’s easy and safe, grab your Inner Beauty Clean Beauty Essentials and keep reading. We can’t wait to share our secrets for achieving a 5 minute makeup routine.

Minute 1: Apply foundation

First thing’s first in your quick makeup routine: set the stage for the rest of your makeup by applying a pump or two of our Skin Tint Foundation and blending it in with fingertips. This balm-like tinted moisturizer will help even your skin tone while leaving skin smooth and luminous, thanks to an infusion of moisturizing jojoba oil and shea butter—perfect for keeping skin soft, even under your mask.

Minute 2: Tap on concealer

Now that your face is prepped and evened out, you can target areas of discoloration with a few dabs of our Skin Care Concealer. The name says it all: This 99% natural, multi-tasking  formula is infused with skincare ingredients like lemon water to decongest skin and jojoba oil to moisturize—perfect for delicate under eyes or an irritated blemish. Tap on wherever you need a bit of extra coverage and blend in with your ring finger (this ensures you’re using a light touch to blend) for a seamless, luminous finish. Bonus: This natural concealer doesn’t crease, even after a full day of smiling! How’s that for a beautiful example of time management?

Minute 3: Sweep on mascara

With your skin all set, grab your Sugar Coated Mascara and get to defining those lashes. This conditioning formula volumizes and lengthens lashes in a glossy black finish that won’t flake, run or smudge. Not bad for a 99% natural mascara! Apply one coat for a natural lash look or double (or triple!) up for a more dramatic effect—perfect for making eyes pop above your mask. Though the combination of sugar molecules and argan oil in this clean mascara work to define and condition delicate lashes, Sugar Coated is formulated to rinse off with water to go easy on the eyes—no tugging or rubbing to remove it.

Minute 4: Prime and condition lips

Dry lips from winter weather, too much sun or constant mask wearing deserve a natural lip balm that nourishes as it calms irritation. Enter our Stay Calm® Lip Balm + Primer, a creamy, no-tint formula that functions as a lip balm and primer in one. Sweep it on to wear alone or use it as a primer under your favorite lip color. The infusion of shea butter, apricot oil, calendula flower extract and rosa moschata seed oil work to restore the look and feel of delicate lip skin. We bet this fourth step in your clean beauty makeup routine will quickly become your favorite!

Minute 5: Get ready to shine

The last step in your no makeup makeup routine is to shine! Now that your lips are conditioned and comfortable, up the ante with a sweep of Shine Infusion™ Lip Oil. This clear, 100% natural lip gloss adds a brilliant sheen to lips without ever feeling sticky—and its botanical ingredients like castor seed, sunflower seed, jojoba and argan oils drench lips in skin-nourishing moisture. We love this last step as a pick-me-up finishing touch—plus, it looks great on video calls! A natural and easy 5 minute makeup routine doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, we prefer it easy enough to do with our fingertips! Curious about adding color to your routine without sacrificing time? Discover our favorite lip + cheek colors and eyeshadows that can be applied in 30 seconds or less. How’s that for a beautiful example of time management? 

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