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The Best Skincare Makeup for Winter

 The Best Skincare Makeup for Winter
Here at Inner Beauty, we love a good winter snow day—who doesn’t love that fresh blanket of white making everything look like a snow globe? But after a few months of cold, dry air outside and warm, dry air inside, our skin starts to suffer a case of the winter doldrums. If you’ve been avoiding makeup because your skin is dry, flaky, or irritated from winter weather, we have good news: Our beauty skin care products combine natural cosmetics with clean skincare ingredients, so they nourish and moisturize skin, every time you wear them. If you’ve been looking for the best skincare makeup for winter, read on.  

Tinted Moisturizer

A healthy glow begins with clean makeup infused with ingredients that moisturize without weighing skin down. Skin Tint Foundation was created as self-care for sensitive skin: Full of antioxidant protection and botanical ingredients that keep skin soft, smooth and glowing, this balm-like, non-toxic foundation melts into skin for an even-looking finish that lets your beauty shine through. Shea butter and jojoba oil, two of nature’s most nourishing moisturizers, soothe away winter dryness while keeping skin feeling comfortable, no matter what the weather. It’s the skincare makeup that’s effortlessly easy to use (just blend with your fingertips!), but one you can’t imagine living without–no matter the season. 

Weightless, Creamy Concealer

No matter what the season, dark under-eye circles don’t take a holiday. And dry winter conditions can really show up on our delicate eyes, leaving them parched, flaky, and prone to  fine lines and wrinkles that invite makeup to settle into. Add to the mix red or uneven skin from harsh winter conditions, and you need a gentle formula to help conceal and correct while combating dryness.  Enter Skin Care Concealer, Inner Beauty’s luminous creamy concealer that’s clean makeup and skincare in one. This 99% natural concealer soothes, brightens, and evens skin on contact, blending into a believable natural finish. An infusion of jojoba oil—a botanical ingredient which most closely mimics skin’s own sebum—delivers conditioning moisture to even the driest skin, while lemon water calms irritation and decongests skin. Even sensitive skin looks luminous with Skin Care Concealer—and thanks to its safe, clean ingredients, sensitive skin can feel great, too. Apply under the eyes, around the nose, or anywhere skin needs to look more even. A little goes a long way!

Believable Blush

One of the best parts of winter? That wind-kissed flush on cheeks that looks so healthy and fresh. No need to expose yourself to the elements, though—a creamy, moisturizing blush that melts effortlessly into skin will do the trick!  Coco Balm Crème Blush delivers a sheer wash of color to create a beautiful look that’s effortless. We’ve infused this multitasking color with deeply moisturizing jojoba, cacao butter, and coconut oil to keep cheeks soft and radiant, so even sensitive skin gets some extra love. And, because it’s chock full of naturally emollient clean ingredients, this creamy formula warms up on contact, allowing it to melt into skin for easy blending with just your fingertips. Bonus: Because it’s so moisturizing, Coco Balm adds a comfortable kiss of color to the lips—perfect for those days when you need to look polished in record time. 

Moisturizing Highlighter

Dull, dry skin is an all too common occurrence during the winter months, but it doesn’t have to be. Indulging in beauty skin care that uses the best makeup ingredients can go a long way to helping reclaim your radiant glow.  If your skin is singing the winter skin blues, our safe-for-sensitive-skin remedy is  Coco Balm Crème Highlighter, which melts into skin to create natural-looking radiance wherever it’s applied. Like our Coco Balm blush, this formula boasts moisturizing jojoba, coconut oil, and cacao butter to help it melt on contact with just a touch of the fingertip.  We love applying this clean highlighter high up on the cheekbones, under the brow bone, down the bridge of the nose, and to the inner corners of the eyes for a brighter, wide awake look. Lastly, try tapping a small amount on the Cupid’s bow of the lips to create a fuller lip look in seconds. Your skin will glow with the look of health, even in the thick of winter! 

Calming Lip Balm

Chapped lips are one of winter’s most common woes—and we know how uncomfortable irritated lips can be! It can be difficult to concentrate when lips are dry and cracked, but with clean, natural ingredients, Inner Beauty’s lip products take “lip care” to the next level.  We created Stay Calm® Lip Balm + Primer to meet the challenges that sensitive lips have not just in winter, but all year round. This creamy, colorless lip balm is chock full of skin-nourishing ingredients to promote calm, moisturized lips that feel as good as they look. Emollient shea butter, apricot oil, calendula flower extract and rosa moschata seed oil work in harmony to calm irritation, moisturize, and restore the look and feel of delicate lip skin—even chapped lips. And, because we love a multi-tasking product, Stay Calm can be used as a primer under your favorite natural lipstick! Winter weather doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy wearing your favorite clean makeup. Just be sure to reach for Inner Beauty to get the best safe, natural skincare ingredients your sensitive skin deserves. Soft, radiant, moisturized skin in minutes—it’s what Inner Beauty does best!  
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